We hope to be able to have more normal relationships between all countries in the near future,
since this is not the case now, we have suspended all our activities in Russia.

Moscow VDNH "Worker and Kolkhoz Woman" Pavilion: "ART TODAY - NO BORDERS" 

Dates still to be confirmed.

"ART TODAY - NO BORDERS" presents a small part of the complex development of contemporary art. This exhibition as a total can be seen as an indication towards the further global development of contemporary art. This exhibition presents a creative language based upon conceptualizing human expression in art, rather than mainly focussing on craftsmanship. The exhibited works present the awareness of each artist, questioning and reflecting upon himself, where he came from, where he is and where to go. The artists communicate with themselves, fighting, discussing and creating artworks as a result of this. 

The exhibition will show works, concepts, research results and ideas in an extraordinary combination, but all works will be related to Time-Space-Existence. The exhibited artworks represent a serious effort to artistically express the essence of contemporary culture. These common characteristics should provide sufficient coherence for the exhibition and at the same time allow the presentation of a wide range of individual approaches.

These are today’s Ideas, thoughts, and culture expressed in works of art. Trying to make all of us learn, question again, and re-create a deeper understanding of contemporary Art and human development.