2018 European Cultural Centre Architecture Awards


2018 ECC Architecture Award: Odile Decq 

In 2018, the ECC Award for Architecture was awarded to Odile Decq (FRA).
Odile Decq is an accomplished French architect, urban planner and academic. She is the founder of the Paris firm and Studio Odile Decq. In 2014, she founded Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture in Lyon, France, with the aim of reinventing architecture education entirely. In 1996, she received the Golden Lion at the Venice Architecture Biennial. More recently, in 2016, she won The Architectural Review’s Jane Drew Prize for women, and she remains a sought-after lecturer, ambitious educator and an advocate for equality and women's rights.



2018 ECC Architecture University Project Award: North Carolina State University College of Design Airport Studio

In 2018, the ECC Architecture University Project Award North Carolina State University College of Design (USA)
“Future Airports: Thinking Globally.” Airport Studio has offered a constant theme that explores not only the typology of the airports of today, but also what comes next. How will airports of the future incorporate conference facilities, medical centers, hotels, businesses, financial institutions, shopping malls, civic centers, cultural icons, multimodal hubs, a broad range of entertainment and services, and other functions that have yet to be identified.


2016 European Cultural Centre Architecture Awards

2016 ECC Architecture Award: Denise Scott Brown 

In 2016, the ECC Award for Architecture was awarded to Denise Scott Brown (USA) for her life-long dedication to architecture and her presentation of "Wayward Eye" as part of the ECC exhibition "TIME SPACE EXISTENCE" at Palazzo Mora.
Denise Scott Brown is an American architect, planner, writer, educator, and principal of the firm Venturi. Scott Brown and Associates.  Through her architecture and planing, and theoretical writing and teaching,  Brown is regarded as among the most influential architects of the twentieth century. 


2014 European Cultural Centre Architecture Awards

2014 ECC Architecture Award: University of Houston

In 2014 the University of Houston presented an outstanding project about living in the Delta, at the ECC Palazzo Bembo, within the exhibition "TIME SPACE EXISTENCE".
Risky Habitat: Dynamic Living on the Buffalo Bayou
The University of Houston brings up a crucial topic on the table: the coexisting of the urban landscape and the waterfront.  The exhibition showcased the complexities and potential of the city's relationship with its waterfront.

2012 European Cultural Centre Architecture Awards

2012 ECC Architecture Award: Arata Isozaki

In 2012 he presented the exhibition ZHONGYUAN, Administrative Committee of Zhengdong New District + Arata Isozaki, at the ECC Palazzo Bembo, within the exhibition Time Space Existence - Traces of Centuries & Future Steps.
Arata Isozaki is a Japanese architect, urban designer and theorist from Oita. Despite designing buildings both inside and outside Japan, Isozaki has been described as an architect who refuses to be stuck in one architectural style, highlighting "how each of his designs is a specific solution born out of the project’s context." Isozaki won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2019.