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Государственный музей архитектуры имени М.В. Щусева
Общественная архитектура – будущее Европы

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Европейский культурный центр в России организует масштабную архитектурную выставку в Государственном музее архитектуры имени М.В. Щусева в Москве. Трехмесячная выставка «Общественная архитектура – будущее Европы» пройдет с 30 января по 23 августа 2020 года. Открытие состоится 28 января. Выставка организована совместно с Европейским культурным центром в Италии, который каждые два года организует архитектурные выставки в Венеции.

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2020 Schusev State Museum for Architecture
Public Architecture - Future For Europe

Exhibition from 30 January to 23 August 2020

The European Cultural Centre - Russia is organising a large architecture exhibition in the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow. "Future For Europe -  Public Architecture" runs from 30 January  – 23 August 2020  and is created in cooperation with the ECC-Italy, which also organizes the large Biennial Architecture Exhibition in Venice. 

Public Architecture - Future for Europe 2020
Schusev State Museum for Architecture

The Schusev State Museum of Architecture in cooperation with the European Cultural Centre - Russia and the European Cultural Centre - Italy presents the exhibition “Public Architecture - Future for Europe”. The Opening Ceremony will be held on the 30th of January and the exhibition will run from the 31th of January until the 23th of August 2020.

The exhibition “Public Architecture - Future for Europe” aims to present realized, not yet realized and even dream projects for the future of public architecture in Europe and shows ideas from architects who are sincerely concerned with urban development, city planning, innovations and environmental questions; Architecture for the People. The exhibition will present projects about social housing, green buildings, passive houses, mobility, educational and civic spaces, train stations, airports, all public buildings and spaces.
An international group of approximately 40 architects, firms, photographers, universities and architecture institutions active in Europe, will share their ideas on the development of alternative approaches and new architecture along with the respect for cultural heritage in Europe, which will result in urban revitalization in general. The role of creative and critical thinking, fostered by arts, architecture and cultural activities, plays a key role in building active communities in diverse urban development contexts.

Here you can see the final list of the participating architects and studios. 

The exhibition aims to showcase a cross-section of public architecture nowadays which belongs to the generations living Europe and shaping our own future, enriching the reflection and dialogue upon public architecture across the continents and learning from the diversity of approaches.
At the Schusev State Museum of Architecture the exhibition projects will be displayed in 9 rooms, a few rooms will be dedicated to one single firm or project and in addition, several rooms will be used to present a combination of projects, many of which will be created on purpose for the exhibition.                                                               

Please find the Public Architecture - Future for Europe exhibition catalogue here.

Below are some images taken at our exhibition.